Glycolic Facial

Glycolic Acid for Face, Hands and Back

A glycolic peel is a skin treatment that applies acid onto your skin that deeply penetrates and thoroughly clears out your pores. Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugarcane. An all-natural, water-soluble chemical exfoliant that is suitable for sun damaged and acne proned skin. Glycolic acid is considered safe for dark skin and is often used to diminish the signs of hyper pigmentation – a harmless condition characterised by dark, discoloured patches of skin. Glycolic acid can also be used to treat fine lines, age spots and wrinkles on your face and hands. It is also a revolutionary treatment for those who suffer from acne or congestion on the back.
Our Glycolic Acid is naturally derived from sugar cane and therefore will not damage your skin.

What to expect from our Glycolic peel service

  • We will begin with cleansing the area
  • Alcohol solution will be applied
  • Glycolic Acid applied for 6 minutes
  • Area will be cleansed and a deep nourishing mask will be applied
  • 24 hour moisturising cream will be massaged into the area (for hand treatments, they will be placed in heated mitts for 10 minutes and treatment will conclude with a hand massage).

Please note: You are not suitable for treatment if you are prescribed acne medication or are under clinical care for a skin condition.

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Course of 4 treatments
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