The latest brow trends in 2018

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The latest brow trends in 2018

This year’s latest brow trend has been crowned the ‘Textured Brow’. This style is about creating dimension and texture throughout the brow regardless of the shape. As this new technique is about building depth within the brow rather than manipulating your brows into a specific shape, eyebrows of all types should easily adapt to this technique.

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This trend has popped up recently, with celebrities Margot Robbie, Zoe Kravitz and Hailee Steinfeld at this year’s Vogue Awards Season.

How does the latest brow differ to 2017?

2017, was the year of the insta brow which was the heavily filled in, super shaped and excessive brow style that dominated social media. Maintaining this look is arguably high maintenance and looks unnatural as the brow is excessively filled in. Comparing this to the latest trend, the brow is much easily created to enhance your natural beauty.

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